Pastor W. F. Kumuyi
General Superintendent
Thoughts for 2011
H-ear God’s Word
A-nswer God’s Call
P-urity Possess
P-romises Claim
Y-ield to God
N-o Condemnation
E-nter into His Rest
W-alk in Love
Y-our tongue… a tree of  life
E-xample of Righteousness
A-sk in Faith
R-ejoice in the Lord always

Expectation brings deeper manifestation (Pro 23:18).

The Lord shall give you rest from all sorrows (Is14:3).

Obedience to the word of God brings blessing (Is 1:19).

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Pastor Thompson welcomes you to Deeper Life Bible Church, SouthWest Region.

I welcome you to the website of the Deeper Life Bible Church, SouthWest Region, comprising of churches in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Arizona, South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico. Please join us for any of our services and you will be richly blessed by the Lord in Jesus' name Amen.

The Deeper Christian Life Ministry has a singular mission to proclaim the simple, saving Gospel of Jesus Christ in its pure form. Our purpose is to lead many to salvation from sin through the knowledge of Jesus Christ, to build them up as steadfast believers, and to engage them in His work.

Our foundation is the Bible. We believe in taking the Word of God at its face value, teaching it with all diligence and building our entire lives and affairs on it. Our preaching is simple, scriptural and serious. We believe the old-fashioned message is as relevant today as it was to the initial audience. "Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever." (Hebrews 13:8)

Holiness of life is our highest aim in Christian service. It is our objective to promote this in all we do or teach.

Opportunities abound in our church for sincere men and women, boys and girls who desire to follow Jesus Christ, live victoriously as Christians and fully engage themselves in the Lord's service.

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